Our company was established since 2010 by the team management who gained much experiences and be professional in the telecommunication system for 12 years, in co-operated with the engineer specialists who know well in installation process, commercial social, and after-sell service support, which satisfaction accepted by our customers. As example in our goal customers in Defense Segment; Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, Internal Security Operations Command, and also the Government Segment; Royal Thai Police, and other small businesses in Enterprise Segment.

We provide and serve the most updated Communication Innovations and Technologies for our customers to ensure that their investment and satisfaction guaranteed. Furthermore, we have after sale support team who’s willing to be your assistance and sometimes operation designer in any cases of the solution of the Communication System, Data Network System, Public Security System, and other Tactical Solutions related and also being the new innovation reporter for you to the new knowledges updated.

Our service is driven by the needs of our customers in order to serving system integrator and solution provider in Communication System. We serve the service and product which suits the customers business most. That’s why our product found meeting the customers needs a lot. Moreover with our after sale support, customers can ensure that they payment won’t lose, but they can get any solutions or help in any problems they have. The support team which always track with the new innovation updated around the world, and get it best in giving knowledge to our customers. So, customers will always know the worlds changes also.